A Summary of Corgi Batmobile Variations

Batmobile from the 1966 TV series

Thank to Eric Matheson & Jeff Gentry.
A big thank you to Sean and Darren, who worked at Corgi...

Corgi Toys

Corgi Batboat "C107" : 1967 - 1981
Corgi Batcopter "C925" : 1976 - 1981
Corgi Batbike "C268" : 1978 - 1983
Corgi Penguin "C259" : 1979 - 1980

Other Corgi used sames parts as Batmobile, Batboat, Batbike, Batcopter, Penguin...

Corgi Catalogue


Corgi Juniors & Husky

Corgi Juniors & Husky : Batmobile
Corgi Juniors & Husky : Batboat
Corgi Juniors : Batcopter, Batbike, Jokermobile and Penguin mobile


Northampton factory


Swansea factory

Swansea Fforestfach factory in 1948

Swansea Fforestfach factory in 1950

Swansea Fforestfach factory in 1960

Swansea Fforestfach factory in 1970

Swansea Fforestfach factory in 1972

Swansea Fforestfach factory in 1980

Swansea Fforestfach inside factory


Swansea Fforestfach factory Kingsway

Swansea Fforestfach factory Queensway North

Swansea Fforestfach factory Queensway South

Swansea Fforestfach factory Queensway South in 2015 (one historical build are destroy...)

Swansea Fforestfach factory Office Frontage Queensway


Swansea Fforestfach factory fire in 2011

Swansea Fforestfach factory over the year (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9)
Swansea Fforestfach factory between 1945 and 2015
Swansea Fforestfach in 2015


Swansea Fforestfach inside factory in 2013


Video from Corgi car factory - Swansea



Electronic Book - PDF format


This is an electronic book (PDF format) from the Batmobile C267, Batboat C107, Batcopter C925, Batbike C268 and Juniors variations. You can print it.

About 400 pages, more 1000 pictures ...


Donwload it for 7 GPB ...

You can use PAYPAL to www.batmobile@free.fr, after receive payement I send you a link for download file.
All update after are free !!!!


For French version :

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